It’s an evolving story, one focused on never staying still…

Welcome, and thanks so much for visiting WPSmart and showing interest in our service.

Let me begin by introducing myself, I’m Berto, founder of WPSmart. I have over 15 years of WordPress experience that stretches as far back as 2006. In that time I’ve gathered extensive knowledge from my time working closely with the platform, both as a front-end and back-end developer. I know WordPress like the back of my hand – there’s little I haven’t encountered and successfully tackled over the years.

My passion for building websites began in the early days of the Internet when dial-up modems were still a thing. Over the years, I’ve developed strong skills in WordPress that include development, troubleshooting, security and speed optimisation. This includes both user-facing front-end work as well as complex back-end development that I don’t shy away from tackling.

I launched WPSmart to deliver unrivalled WordPress support and assistance to UK businesses and website owners. Too often web hosts fail to provide the WordPress proficiency that sites need as they expand. WPSmart fills that gap.

Beyond one-to-one support, WPSmart’s goal is to inform, educate and empower WordPress users of all experience levels – from first-timers to seasoned power users.

If you gain value from my work then please leave a review! Comments are also hugely appreciated. And if questions come up or you just fancy a chat, you know where to find me.

[email protected]