What Is Yoast SEO?

Yoast SEO↗︎ is a freemium WordPress plugin that aids users by providing guidance on how to better optimise their website pages for search engines.

Key Features

1. Content Analysis

Yoast SEO evaluates the content on each page or post and provides a readability analysis and SEO analysis. It gives suggestions on how to improve the content for better search engine visibility and user experience.

2. Keyword Optimisation

The plugin allows you to set a focus keyword for your content, and it provides recommendations on how to optimize your content around that keyword. It checks the keyword density and placement in important elements like the title, meta description, and throughout the text.

3. Title and Meta Description Optimisation

Yoast SEO enables you to customise the title and meta description for each page or post. It helps ensure that these elements are within the recommended length, include the focus keyword, and are compelling for users.

4. XML Sitemap Generation

The plugin automatically generates an XML sitemap for your website. This sitemap helps search engines understand the structure of your site and index its content more effectively.

5. Canonical URLs

Yoast SEO allows you to set canonical URLs to avoid duplicate content issues. Canonical URLs indicate the preferred version of a page when there are multiple versions with similar content.

6. Breadcrumbs

The plugin helps you implement breadcrumbs, which are navigational aids that improve user experience and provide search engines with additional information about your site’s structure.

7. Social Media Integration

Yoast SEO includes social media integration features, allowing you to set custom social media titles, descriptions, and images for when your content is shared on platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

8. Redirect Manager

Yoast SEO includes a redirect manager that helps you set up and manage redirects easily, ensuring that users and search engines are directed to the correct pages.

9. Internal Linking Suggestions

The plugin provides suggestions for internal links to help improve the site’s structure and assist search engines in understanding the relationships between different pages.

The Yoast SEO Freemium Model

Yoast SEO uses the freemium model, where its core product is offered in two versions: a free, basic version, and a premium, paid version with additional features or enhanced functionality. As well as the premium version, Yoast also has additional product add-ons to further enhance and help with your SEO goals, this includes Yoast For WooCommerce, Yoast Local, Yoast News and Yoast Video.

Yoast SEO Premium includes additional features and functionalities compared to the free version. Keep in mind that features may have been added or changed since this guide was written, so it’s a good idea to check the official Yoast website for the most up-to-date information. Some of the premium features of Yoast SEO include:

1. AI Generated Titles and Descriptions

Yoast Premium uses advanced generative AI to create engaging, creative, SEO-optimized titles and meta descriptions. Relying on large language models, machine learning algorithms and fed with vast amounts of data, the AI understands your content to provide you with optimal suggestions.

2. Redirect Manager

This feature allows you to easily set up and manage redirects within the WordPress dashboard. It helps in handling URL changes, preventing 404 errors, and maintaining good SEO practices.

3. Multiple Focus Keywords

While the free version allows you to optimise your content for a single focus keyword, the premium version lets you optimize for multiple focus keywords. This can be useful for targeting a broader range of search terms.

4. Social Previews

Yoast SEO Premium provides the ability to preview how your content will appear on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. You can customize the title, description, and image that will be displayed when your content is shared.

5. Internal Linking Suggestions

The premium version offers more advanced suggestions for internal links within your content. Internal linking is important for SEO and helps search engines understand the structure of your website.

6. Content Insights

This feature provides a more in-depth analysis of your content by offering insights into the length of your sentences and paragraphs. It helps you create more readable and engaging content.

7. 24/7 Premium Support

Yoast SEO Premium users typically have access to priority support, which can be valuable for getting assistance with any issues or questions related to the plugin.


The plugin began its journey back in 2006 when founder Joost de Valk↗︎ believed that everyone could benefit from the SEO knowledge he himself had built up over the years working for large agencies. In 2010, Joost, a prominent figure in the WordPress community, decided it was time to build an SEO plugin and the rest is history. The plugin is named after himself and his blog.


The plugin provides a comprehensive set of features to streamline the optimisation process. Users can define focus keywords, receive content analysis and suggestions for improvement, customise meta tags, and manage various SEO elements directly from the WordPress dashboard. Yoast SEO also generates XML sitemaps, facilitates easy redirection, and offers tools for social media integration, ensuring a holistic approach to SEO.

Community & Support

With a vast and active user community, Yoast SEO benefits from user contributions, feedback, and discussions. The plugin’s widespread adoption has fostered a supportive ecosystem where users can exchange insights, seek advice, and share best practices. Additionally, Yoast offers premium support for users of the paid version, providing assistance and guidance for optimising websites.

Yost SEO Technology

Yoast SEO is built on a technology stack that includes PHP, JavaScript, MySQL, and CSS. The plugin seamlessly integrates with the WordPress CMS, using PHP for server-side scripting. JavaScript enhances the interactive elements within the plugin’s interface, while MySQL is employed for efficient data storage and retrieval. Yoast SEO leverages XML for generating sitemaps, and CSS for styling the dashboard interface.



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