How OptinMonster Helps WordPress Sites Double Their Leads

Lead generation is crucial for business growth, but it can be challenging to capture website visitors’ attention and convert them into leads. This is where OptinMonster shines. With its versatile features and results-driven approach, OptinMonster↗︎ simplifies lead gen for WordPress and takes it to the next level.

OptinMonster helps generate more email subscribers, grow mailing lists, and boost conversions with its wide range of high-converting opt-in forms. Website owners and marketers worldwide trust OptinMonster to capture leads and optimise conversions. Here’s an in-depth look at why it beats the competition when it comes to lead generation:

Unrivalled Variety of Opt-In Forms

OptinMonster offers an incredible selection of stylish, customizable opt-in forms to match different needs:

  • Exit-Intent® Popups detect cursor movements to identify visitors about to leave a page and display targeted offers to capture their attention. The timing increases conversion rates by 2-5x.
  • Floating Bars prominently display offers at the top or bottom without disrupting navigation. Their responsiveness makes them ideal for mobile conversion.
  • Slide-ins slide subtly from page edges with offers tailored to different visitor segments based on behaviour.
  • Fullscreen Welcome Mats cover the entire screen on entry with an irresistible offer new visitors can’t miss.
  • Scroll Boxes appear after a visitor scrolls past a specified point, great for long-form content.
  • Inline Forms integrate seamlessly into content to capture attention during reading.

OptinMonster’s in-depth documentation contains best practices and tips on when to use each form type for maximum impact. For example, exit popups work great when users are about to leave without converting, while slide-ins are ideal for capturing attention without being too intrusive.

Powerful Visitor Personalisation

OptinMonster makes it easy to create hyper-targeted campaigns that serve personalised content to different visitor segments. Options like geolocation, language, referral source, and device targeting ensure each user sees relevant offers.

For example, you can show exclusive webinar invites to visitors from certain regions or display special promotions to desktop users only. Dynamic text replacement in forms lets you personalise with visitor names for more one-to-one engagement.

Detailed Analytics for Optimisation

OptinMonster provides insightful stats to fine-tune lead capture forms for optimum performance. See top conversions by type, browser, country and more. Track impression-to-conversion rates over any date range for each campaign. Analyse trends and patterns in traffic to identify high-impact opportunities.

For instance, you may discover exit popup conversions double on Tuesdays and Thursdays. This data can inform smart scheduling or targeting to boost results.

These powerful analytics ensure forms are strategically displayed to the right visitors at the right time – leading to higher opt-in and conversion rates.

Easy WordPress, Shopify and Platform Integration

Seamlessly integrating OptinMonster with your website or platform takes just a few clicks. No coding is required. The intuitive editor and one-click install make it a breeze to add OptinMonster forms to WordPress↗︎, Shopify, Wix sites and more.

Forms blend flawlessly with your brand’s style and theme. For developers, the JS API allows deeper integration to better match forms with site UI.

Lead Syncs With All Email Systems

Leads captured on your site are automatically synchronized with your CRM, email marketing platform, helpdesk software and more. OptinMonster offers seamless integrations with every major system including MailChimp↗︎, Constant Contact↗︎, AWeber↗︎, ActiveCampaign↗︎, HubSpot CRM↗︎, and others.

Leads are immediately sent to your email system so you can begin engagement. This prevents leaks in the funnel and helps provide a unified lead management system.

Trustworthy Security & Compliance

OptinMonster follows the strictest data security protocols and practices. Sensitive customer data is secured using bank-level 256-bit SSL encryption. OptinMonster is GDPR, CCPA and PECR compliant, ensuring your campaigns adhere to global data privacy regulations.

Rave Reviews From 200,000+ Customers

With a sterling 4.8 rating on and 5-star reviews from 200,000+ happy website owners, OptinMonster is the people’s choice. Its ease of use and stellar lead-capturing capabilities are relied on by leading companies worldwide.

Major publishers like NBC, CNBC, Sony, and TechCrunch use OptinMonster to boost conversions every day. See their success stories and custom implementations for inspiration.

OptinMonster Alternatives To Consider

While OptinMonster is packed with industry-leading features, some alternatives to consider include Sumo and OptiMonk.

Sumo offers a free version along with paid plans starting at $19/month. It lacks advanced features like exit-intent technology and advanced personalisation. OptiMonk also has a forever free plan but fewer form types than OptinMonster.

However, no other tool matches OptinMonster’s versatility, platform integrations, and results-focused approach. With its unbeatable features and thousands of happy customers, OptinMonster is the premier solution for taking your lead generation to new heights.

OptinMonster Pricing

OptinMonster is not a free tool and does not offer a freemium version. OptinMonster is affordably priced on an annual subscription basis, with plans starting at $108 per year for the Starter package. Three paid plans are available, each unlocking more advanced features – Starter at $108/year, Plus at $348/year, and Pro at $588/year. OptinMonster also offers custom enterprise pricing for high-volume usage. While not free, OptinMonster’s capabilities and positive ROI usually make the investment worthwhile for serious lead generation. The two-week free trial allows you to test it out risk-free. Overall, OptinMonster provides great value for the investment given its versatility, integrations, and potential to significantly boost conversions.

Give OptinMonster a Try Today!

Ready to step up your lead generation? Sign up for OptinMonster today and you’re covered by a 14-day money-back guarantee, so there’s no risk in getting started. Sign up and start creating high-converting campaigns in minutes without needing credit card details upfront. Integrate seamlessly with your site and apps to capture more leads today!

Disclaimer: WPSmart has no affiliation with OptinMonster. We have not received any commission or payment from OptinMonster to write this article. The views expressed about OptinMonster are based on independent research and analysis.

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