Moving from Ghost to WordPress: A Simple Guide

If you’re thinking of moving your website from Ghost↗︎ to WordPress, you might be wondering how difficult the process will be. The good news is that with the help of some great free tools, the task of moving from Ghost to WordPress is an easy one.

Thanks to the team at WPBeginner↗︎, there’s a migration tool available that can convert Ghost’s JSON export file into a WordPress-compatible XML file. Here’s what you need to do:

Step 1: Generate an Export File from Ghost
To start, go to the ‘Labs’ section on your Ghost website and click on ‘Export your content.’ Ghost will generate a JSON file that contains all your website content.

Step 2: Use the WP Ghost Import Tool
Go to↗︎ and upload your Ghost JSON file. Then click on the button that says ‘Generate WP Import File.’ The tool will create a WordPress-compatible XML file you can download.

Step 3: Import the XML file to WordPress
Upload the XML file into WordPress using the platform’s Import Tool found under Tools > Import. During the process, WordPress will import all the content stored in your export file and you can begin using WordPress once the import has finished.

We recommend that you perform the move on a staging or development environment prior to launching it live. This allows you to evaluate the import process and ensure that everything is functioning as intended.

Other Tools to Consider

To further streamline your migration process, you may want to use additional tools such as the Custom Bulk/Quick Edit plugin and the Auto Upload Image plugin.

The Auto Upload Image↗︎ plugin enables the import of images that have been embedded within the content of your Ghost posts. This is particularly useful since the Ghost to WordPress migration tool will only import featured images. The plugin works by importing images in posts that use external URLs.

The Custom Bulk/Quick Edit↗︎ plugin enables mass editing of post excerpts, titles, and categories, effectively eliminating the need to manually edit each post.

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