How To Add A New Page On WordPress

Creating a new page on WordPress is a straightforward process that allows you to expand and organise your website’s content. In this tutorial, we’ll guide you through the steps to add a new page to your WordPress website. Step 1: Log in to Your WordPress DashboardBegin by logging in to your WordPress dashboard. Enter your … Read more

What Is Yoast SEO?

Yoast SEO is one of the most popular WordPress SEO plugins. With over 200 million downloads, it provides guidance to optimise web pages for better search ranking.

Freemium Business Model In WordPress

The freemium model offers WordPress users a taste of plugins and themes for free, then tempts them to upgrade to paid versions for more features and support.

WooCommerce: Redirect to Custom Thank You Page

A customer recently needed to redirect customers to a custom thank-you page, specifically for a particular product variation. Below, you’ll find three useful snippets that enable you to redirect customers after an order. The first snippet redirects all orders, the second redirects customers when a single variation ID matches, and the third redirects customers when … Read more

ThemeForest WordPress Themes Explained

With thousands of themes to choose from, ThemeForest is a top destination for finding the perfect WordPress theme – learn more about ThemeForest for WordPress.

What is WooCommerce?

An overview of the popular WordPress eCommerce plugin WooCommerce – its features, history, usage, community support, technologies, requirements, and why it’s a great eCommerce solution.

What is GPL?

GPL is an open source license that guarantees end user freedoms to use, modify and share the software’s source code.

What Is WordPress?

An informative guide to the popular open-source CMS – WordPress. Covers history, key features, usage, community, technologies, requirements and more.

What is Elementor?

Elementor empowers anyone to visually build stunning WordPress websites. With drag and drop simplicity, extensive features and customisation options, it’s the leading page builder for WordPress.

Is WordPress Free? The Real Costs Explained

Is WordPress really free, or are there hidden costs you need to consider? This in-depth look at what’s free with WordPress and where you may need to spend money will give you the full picture.

How much does website maintenance cost?

Performing WordPress site maintenance ensures that your website is secure, bug-free, and performing at its very best for visitors. But how much does this all cost?

What is a brute-force attack?

Learn how to safeguard your WordPress website from relentless hackers. Discover effective strategies to defend against brute-force attacks and keep your valuable data secure

What are WordPress plugins?

Unlock the full potential of your WordPress website with third-party add-ons called plugins. Easily install and activate them to enhance functionality and extend features.

Google Analytics alternatives for WordPress

Discover privacy-friendly alternatives to Google Analytics for WordPress, including Clicky, Matomo, Fathom Analytics, and Track website traffic and user behavior without sharing your data.

WordPress Maintenance Packages UK

We offer a range of WordPress maintenance packages to suit your needs. Our packages include everything from basic website updates to professional support.

What is WordPress hosting?

WordPress hosting is a web hosting service that is pre-configured and optimised to host a WordPress-powered website efficiently.

What does FQDN mean?

Fully Qualified Domain Names (FQDN) are complete addresses of websites, computers and other entities that can be accessed on the Internet.

I have enabled Cloudflare and I have an issue. What should I do?

When you enable Cloudflare, there should be no noticeable difference to your website. If your site is loading slowing after enabling Cloudflare, there is most likely a problem. Firstly, disable Cloudflare by clicking the orange cloud so it becomes grey then report the issue to our support team. The DotEngine support team will work with you to resolve … Read more

Can Cloudflare protect my website from a DDoS attack?

If your website is experiencing a DDoS attack, then Cloudflare could help mitigate it. The Cloudflare service has an option designed to be used when under a DDoS attack and you can enable it anytime you want from your Cloudflare account.  When this option is enabled, every visitor to your website will see a processing … Read more

WordPress 20/16 VCReady Theme

This Twenty Sixteen child theme uses a very simple and clean design for the blog posts and pages and is Visual Composer and Elementor friendly.

WordPress Minimal 20/17 Theme

The Minimal 20/17 theme is a Twenty Seventeen WordPress child theme. It removes the excessive padding from its parent and introduces a wider layout and better spacing.