How to add a new website to WPSmart Cloud when using Cloudflare

Login to your WPSmart Cloud control panel and follow these simple steps:

  1. Click on websites
  2. Click on the add website button
  3. Fill in the form details, leave the installation path blank
  4. Give it a few minutes and your website will be ready to use

From Cloudflare add two new A records:

  1. Type A | Name @ | Content YOUR SERVER IP ADDRESS
  2. Type A | Name www | Content YOUR SERVER IP ADDRESS

And the final step is to generate an Origin Server SSL certificate.

  1. From the Cloudflare, dashboard click on SSL/TLS
  2. Change the encryption mode to Full (strict)
  3. On the left menu click on Origin Server
  4. Click on Create Certificate
  5. Copy the certificate and the private key
  6. Login to your WPSmart Cloud control panel
  7. Navigate to your website dashboard
  8. Select the navigation option Advanced > Security
  9. Under SSL certificates click on the Install button
  10. Paste your SSL certificate and private key
  11. Save and you are done

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